Our 24-hour cancellation policy

Missed Appointments

When you book an appointment with us, time is set aside for you.
We never double book and we always try to be ready for you when you arrive.
In return, we ask that you keep your promise to us, and show up for your appointment on time.

Please understand that massage therapists are paid only when they deliver the service. Missed appointments are costly for us and prevent us from catering to other clients.

We kindly ask that if you need to change or cancel your appointment, you give us at least 24-hour notice.

Please contact us by phone. If you do not reach us, please leave a message on our voice mail system. Email cancellations cannot be accepted.

If we do not hear from you within a 24-hour period, you will be required to pay the full amount of the treatment as booked. This amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.


We recognize that there are circumstances that are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, and other equally important situations). If you have an emergency, please let us know, so that we can treat your specific situation with personal attention.
Please understand that we cannot consider meetings at work to be emergencies.

Late Arrival

Should you arrive late, you will receive the remaining time allocated for your scheduled appointment; however, you will be billed the full amount of the appointment duration you had reserved.

This cancellation policy is essential for our business to continue serving our clients who are in need of treatment, as well as to make massage therapy a feasible career for our therapists.

On behalf of the entire team at Healthy Choice Massage Therapy, we thank you for your understanding in this matter.