What to expect on your first visit

Massage Therapy Process

What To Expect

Your Registered Massage Therapist will take you to one of our private rooms to go over your health history and to discuss your individual massage preferences. He or She may also perform some orthopedic tests if necessary.
Once all procedures are covered and all of your questions have been answered, your massage therapist will leave the room to give you enough time to prepare for your massage therapy session.
Your Massage Therapist will knock on the door and ask your permission to come in before entering the room to ensure that you had enough time.
Your therapist will let you know when the massage therapy session is over. If required, your Massage Therapist may show you some home care exercise back in the room.
You will be given privacy in order to dress up. Your massage therapist will be waiting for you at the reception.
Depending on the payment choice the therapist will either take payment from you or bill your insurance company directly.

Enjoy your massage therapy session!