When to Exercise After My Massage?

When to Exercise After My Massage?

Many therapists advocate for clients to avoid strenuous exercise like running, weight-lifting, high-intensity aerobic exercise, or power yoga for a minimum of twenty-four hours after the massage session, but it’s not always necessary unless you are dealing with an injury.

Light exercise like moderate walking, light stretching, or swimming laps at a slow pace is OK for healthy people.

We recommend clients take it easy that day and stay hydrated. Take a hot Epsom Salt bath and get a good night sleep, and enjoy the benefits of your massage.


Identifying And Treating Nerve Tension Pain

Nerve tension is a pain that occurs because a nerve is being compressed or stuck in its surrounding tissue which prevents it from moving as it normally does.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. A tight muscle surrounding the nerve could compress and restrict the movement of the nerve causing a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Nerve pain is characterized by a sharp pain and/or burning sensation. The pain may come and go and is usually triggered by certain movements or positions.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, please see one of our massage therapists and we will be happy to help. You may book your first initial appointment online or call our clinic.